About Us

At *InterDecor* you get the best of all worlds.

We carry the latest designs and materials from the world’s leading manufacturers
that are available on the market today, and we display them beautifully in our
enormous showroom. In light of the huge geographic area we service, you may not get
a chance to visit our showroom so we’ll bring a vast array of catalogs and samples
to you.

And we have a highly experience, knowledgeable staff who has been with
*InterDecor* for many years who provide the professional help you
need to ensure your success in all of your future projects.

We invite you to look to us at *InterDecor* for the valuable help you
need with all of your creative design ideas.


  • Find Us Here:

    Inter Decor, Inc.
    102 S Spokane Street
    Spokane, WA 99205
    phone: 509.455.8080
    fax: 509.455.8082

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